Career Counselling

Need some support and guidance in your career path?

We can work together with your career progression whether you’re wanting to move up in your current position or workplace or find a new job, or undergo a career transition.

In these sessions we can gain further insight and understanding into your next career move. 

We’ll work together on development and pay conversations with your manager, interview skills, CV, cover letter and key skills criteria writing.

Email Counselling

Email counselling is a great way to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. It’s a double benefit of not only being able to get the words out and express it to someone else for support and guidance, but to view the words that you’re writing yourself and gain clarity through written expression.

General Counselling

Feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or just need to talk it out? I am here to support you and to work through uncomfortable emotions and challenging life situations. 

I hope to help you to improve your relationship with yourself and others so that you can feel understood, grounded and connected. 

Book a general counselling session to continue your wellness journey and improve your mental health.